Flood Assistance Contact Information


*An information hotline where they can direct you to proper resources for any needs you
have: shelters, food, clothing, supplies, FEMA, insurance claims, etc. They can also walk you through the process of registering with FEMA, or how to properly file insurance claims

* Phone: 337-232- 4357

* Website: http://www.232-help.org

* 232-HELP is looking for people to help with their hotline, especially after flooding goes down and people need assistance with FEMA

* You may also donate and they use their funds to help someone in an emergency, not long term; i.e., they bought an elderly woman her meds the other day after she was evacuated


* Assessment Hotline: 1-800- 621-3362 and 1-800- 829-3676

* Website: https://www.disasterassistance.gov

* Disaster System numbers for each parish:

– St. Martinville: 31733

– St. Landry: 31726

– Vermilion: 31728

* A parish must be assessed and declare an emergency before FEMA does. This hasn’t happened in all parishes yet, but still register with FEMA and tell them what parish you are in.


* Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (Louisiana)

* Website: http://gohsep.la.gov/ABOUT/PARISHPA

* Use this website to find your parish contact when infrastructure (such as a levee) fails and flooding is immediate

Red Cross

* http://www.redcross.org

* Use this website to locate shelters and to learn how to volunteer

* Monetary donations are best because they can use them to support trained volunteers arriving this weekend and support their shelters as well


* Lafayette Economic Development Authority

* They can assist businesses that have been flooded to find a new place of business while repairs are made and for storage of supplies

* Phone #: 337-593- 1400 or 1-800- 810-7771

* Fax #: 337-234- 3009

* Address: 211 E. Devalcourt St. Lafayette, LA 70506

* Website: http://www.lafayette.org/site.php

Acadiana Home Builders Association

* Use to determine who are legitimate contractors and workers once you begin making repairs

* They said people will come from all over to try and scam flood victims. Be safe and check your sources!

* Phone #: 337-981- 3053

* Fax #: 337-988- 5096

* Website: https://acadianhba.com

* Mailing address: P.O. Box 60486 Lafayette, LA 70506

* Physical address: 135 N. Domingue Rd. Lafayette, LA 70506

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