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The Ragin’ Cajun Catholics at Our Lady of Wisdom Church are excited to welcome our new Parochial Vicar, Fr. Nicholas DuPré (UL ‘ 2014).

Hello, my name is Fr. Nicholas DuPré and I am very excited and happy to be joining the team here at Our Lady of Wisdom Church and Catholic Student Center as the new Parochial Vicar! I was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Lafayette in 2014. My journey through seminary started with studying philosophy and theology at St. Joseph’s Seminary College near Covington, then in New Orleans at Notre Dame Seminary, and finally graduating from St. Philip’s Seminary in Toronto, Canada. However, the original decision to follow my vocation began with a special time in my life here at Our Lady of Wisdom.


I graduated in 2003 from UL with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology and credit that accomplishment (as well as my overall well-being as a senior trying to finish!) to my involvement at Wisdom. One regret I definitely have, however, is not getting involved until the end of my junior year at the Catholic Student Center. In such a short time I had come to enjoy a much more satisfying relationship with God and so I still wonder how much more I could have grown had I become involved as a freshman. Things just came together in my life every time I got involved with whatever I could, whether it was Mass, the many apostolic activities, or attending special events in the evening.   As I pursued knowledge in my field of study in class I felt supported by a foundation of growing in my intelligence of what is truly good at Wisdom.


Returning to serve Our Lady of Wisdom as a priest, it is a joy to see that this is still very much a place of growth and vitality as much as it is a place to find truth and peace for one’s life. Wisdom was always a place that provided stability and direction for me as a student in search of my future.   It was in the balance of the sacramental life and the apostolic opportunities at Wisdom that I learned how to live the faith, and in doing so, found my happiness and secured my identity as a Catholic and a servant in the Church. I am so happy to see that the call I originally heard and pursued brought me back home to be a part of the formation of the family of Wisdom as a father, I look forward to contributing to her growth!



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