Congratulations to Jonathan Harris who was accepted today as a seminarian for the Diocese of Lafayette. He is a lifelong parishioner at Our Lady of Wisdom and a student at UL. He will begin his studies at St. Joseph Seminary College in the fall. Please keep him and all of those discerning a priestly or religious vocation in your prayers.

FullSizeRenderOur Lady of Wisdom Church and Catholic Student Center has been home for me since I was a young child. I was baptized there. It is where I received my First Communion. I was formed both intellectually and spiritually through the Confirmation program there. And it has been the place that has raised me up and helped me to discern my priesthood in my college years. Our Lady of Wisdom has a special place because of its location at the heart of campus. Often times when evangelizing on campus I would be faced with many questions that I wouldn’t have the answer to, however I never lost hope because I knew that there was always an answer at Wisdom. Our Lady of Wisdom also unique because it is a shelter for many students. It is a community of college students discerning different vocations but the one thing that holds true for each of us who call Wisdom home is that is has provided us with a community where they can grow intellectually and spiritually so that we might be leaders in the Church whether it be as a lay person, consecrated, or a priest. 

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