IMG_8650We are happy to announce that Phillip Domingue was recently accepted as the newest seminarian for the Diocese of Lafayette. Phillip is a student at UL and is actively involved in the Ragin’ Cajun Catholics. Phillip was kind enough to share his vocation testimony with us:

My vocation has been an amazing crazy experience. But if it were not from the growth of my maturity and of my faith I would not be actively pursuing God’s plan and vocation for my life. That growth derived from various people and events, but specifically from my fraternity (Kappa Sigma), the FOCUS missionaries at UL, St. Thomas More Campus Ministry, and most importantly, Ragin’ Cajun Catholics.

It’s crazy to hear but the fraternity has helped me grow so much in my adulthood and faith because it has truly opened my eyes to the reality of the world we live in. I have not been perfect in my life and through the times where I fell or had a lapse in my faith life, it was usually a close friend or a brother in my fraternity that I confided in and that would lift me back up to help me seek God’s love and mercy. It was through the times where I fell that God presented Himself to me the most through my brothers that cared so much about me.

An amazing worldwide organization that has made a huge impact in my faith has been FOCUS. There are a couple of missionaries that I look to not only as leaders to guide me in my faith, but as role models and a true man/woman of God that I inspire to be like one day. Because of them my faith and knowledge of Catholicism has expanded more than I would have ever thought of. It truly is by the grace of God that he has put those people in my life at the time where I needed them most.

Another huge role in my vocation has been my old high school ministry program at St. Thomas More. Being a part of that school has been so amazing and has impacted my life in so many ways. We all can say our faith life has roots and always begins somewhere; well my roots start there and have only expanded tremendously. The 4 years I went to school there and the past 3 years where I have helped as a young adult leader has been a true gift from God. The leaders that I have met and shared my testimony with have formed the kind of man I am today and have given me strength to continually fight for my faith.

However, the biggest role that has given me the courage to enter the seminary next fall and figure out what vocation God is truly calling me to purse has been Ragin’ Cajun Catholics. It wasn’t until this year where I began to get involve and surround myself with not only people that I had common interest with, but with people that wanted to pursue a relationship with Christ like me. The friendships I have made have been the most real and the most Christ-centered, and without those people I would not have grown like I have in my faith. The program that we are offered at UL is truly life saving and soul saving. Without the leaders like our pastor, associate pastor, campus minister, and everyone in the office that puts in a lot of work to continue to build this program, many students like myself possibly wouldn’t have the faith life like we do. This program has been a true gift from God not only in my life, but the hundreds of students that are involved in it now or were in the past.

For that I thank all who have impacted my life and guided me to pursue the vocation God is calling me to. From my time at STM to now at Wisdom ,it has truly been amazing experience. Please pray for me that God guides me in the right direction and I will be praying for all of you.

This fall, Phillip will begin his formation at St. Joseph Seminary College in Covington, LA. Phillip will be sponsored by Our Lady of Wisdom. Please keep him in your prayers!

  1. April 20, 2017

    Couldn’t asked for a true son. Very proud of Phillip not only for his decision but also what he has endured. Love you from the bottom of my. heart.

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