Following Christ into the Heart of the World:

The Christian Task according to Hans Urs von Balthasar

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and he invites us to follow him into the world that he has come to save. Catholic students and young professionals (18-35 years of age) who desire to follow Christ more closely through their professions and their disciplines are invited to come together from July 5-10 to reflect on “following Christ into the heart of the world” using the works of Hans Urs von Balthasar as a guide. Speaking at John Paul II’s behest, Joseph Ratzinger declared in his homily at Balthasar’s funeral that “what the Pope intended to express by this mark of distinction and of honor [the conferring of the rank of cardinal], remains valid: no longer only private individuals but the Church itself, in its official responsibility, tells us that he is right in what he teaches of the faith, that he points the way to the sources of living water—a witness to the Word which teaches us Christ and which teaches us how to live.” In this session, directed by Fr. Jacques Servais, S.J., the rector of the Casa Balthasar in Rome, young adults will have an opportunity to pray, study, and reflect on these sources of living waters together, so that they might come to a deeper sense of God’s call and the grace that he offers to those who follow him in all walks of life.

No prior theological knowledge is required to participate. Those interested in participating should fill out this application. The application deadline was June 15th, but late applicants may be admitted if space in the session becomes available. Those approved to participate in the session will receive additional information via e-mail about how to complete their registration and payment.

The cost of the session is $50 for students and $100 for non-students, which includes materials, classes, and seminars on the afternoon of July 5th and the mornings (until 1 pm) of July 6th through 10th. All participants should have lunch with the group, if at all possible, and are also encouraged to join the group for dinner and evening activities. On the afternoons of July 6th through 10th, Fr. Servais and others will be available for spiritual conversation and consultation. Optional activities will also be planned for the afternoons to introduce participants to the natural, cultural, and religious treasures of Acadiana (some of these activities may involve incidental expenses, such as admission fees, etc., though many will be free). For those who wish to stay in the university dormitories and avail themselves of a meal plan, there will be an additional fee of $365.

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